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May 17 2011

Request 5

Author: admin Category: General

Greetings in the name of our Lord ! I live in the Ft Worth area.

I am ordained minister through Tongues of Fire Ministries in Big Spring Texas. My heart is that of an Evangelist and Missionary. I am currently looking for a place to minister where ever the Holy Spirit is leading. I have a background serving as a marketplace minister and as a missionary to Mexico and Honduras the last 8 years. I also have served with Luke 4:18 ministries in a homeless ministry called, "Church under the Bridge"

I speak Spanish at a beginner level and and currently learning Portuguese. I have an Evangelist anointing and operate in all gifts of the spirit. I would welcome any suggestions, thoughts and prayers. I have a special anointing for the battered,
bruised and the broken.....

Thank you for you help and prayers!

In HIS Lover and service,

Robert Hill

May 17 2011

Request 4

Author: admin Category: General

I hurt my lower back about four weeks ago. I am in so much pain, and it hurts to bend forward, sideways etc...

I was lifting heavy boxes and was in a bent forward position for about 5 hours.

Since I do not have a job or insurance;I need supernatural healing.

I was laid off from my job a year ago. I have not been able to secure full-time employment yet.

I need prayer for this too.

Susan G. H.

Feb 16 2011

Request 3

Author: Moderator1 Category: General

Please agree with me for the healing of Sandy and Ross, both
suffering from cancer.

Also, I am asking for the prayer of agreement over my request:
I am believing for a divine opening for beginning ministry and for a
supernatural financial breakthrough.
I am also proclaiming by faith the salvation and deliverance of Khanh and her
family and Gary and his family too.

God bless you,

Jan 19 2011

Request 2

Author: Moderator1 Category: General

Please pray for Marcells Solem. I have been informed by her
Caregiver that she is in the later stages of Alzheimers and does not recognize
her. She also has a number of health problems that is not helping her condition.

Vernon L. Jones

Jan 19 2011

Request 1

Author: Moderator1 Category: General

Greetings ! I live in the Curero, TX Area 70 MIles south of
Sanatonio, Tx. I am ordained Full Gospel and have been in the word of God for 30
years. I am currently looking for a place to minister in this area. I am
biovocation and would look at opportunity of any size membership. I have a
Apostic anointing and operate in all gifts of the spirit. I would welcome any
suggestions .I have a special anointing in churches that are struggling. Bless
you for your response. Pastor Bruce (rev)816-392-0694